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Ahmad Alnaji

Ahmad Alnaji Profile Picture

Ahmad is a professional Cityscape, Architecture, and certified aerial drone photographer based in Dubai. He has worked with big brand hotels such as Fairmont, Dubai Municipality, where he was responsible for creating the photographic portfolio for the Dubai Frame, one of Dubai’s biggest landmarks, and Fine art galleries. His work helps the clients to captivates people's attention and makes them wonder, And sticks in their memories because of its special story. He counts himself lucky that he has worked with some of the most prestigious clients in his early career that started at only the age of 17!

In every aspect of his life, Ahmad only produces the best of what he can. Particularly in photography by always creating something that will make a statement and stand out. He has this concept of how art meets cityscape and architectural commercial photography, and has the criteria for creating an artwork rather than just a “photo”. He likes to call himself an artist, instead of a photographer. An artist who creates his art through photos.