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The Healer

The Healer

This very special painting for me was created after speaking with a friend about her upcoming spinal cord operation.  Terrified, she asked me to pray for her.   To my great joy and surprise, the solitary, leafless tree I was inspired to produce resembles closely the Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees of Hawaii.  I had never seen or heard of this tree before;  that is until the following day when after finishing this piece an image and description of this species appeared on my Facebook page.  Rainbows are symbolic of healing.  After my friend was well enough, she wrote to thank me and said that the Rainbow Eucalyptus had been her profile picture for over 1 year previously.  Wow.  And please note the rocks; another surprise.

Original artwork by PETER FARRINGTON

- 100 x 100 cm
- Acrylic on canvas

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