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Original artwork by MEETU GARG

Give up all the worlds, places, relationships, jobs, diets, programs and things you have been trying to force yourself into. You were born to be free… like falling leaves, a roaring tiger, and careless bumblebee. You are the mountain spirit and the dreamer lost in the woods. You are the gatherer, the storyteller, the invisible mystery and visible proof of magic.

So, take off your shoes, close your eyes, look for the hidden within and recall what it means to be alive. The moment of realization will awaken the spark of your soul, love will engulf you courageously and wholly…transforming you into LIGHT !!!

This painting was inspired by my friend who is a Yoga Instructor as well as a Fashion Consultant. This painting depicts his lifestyle balancing both his spiritual as well as the worldly side.

- 100 x 150 cm
- Oil on thick edge stretched canvas
- 2018

Ships stretched in UAE or rolled internationally

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