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Hamdan Street

Hamdan Street

‘Hamdan Street', by BENO SARADZIC

"As a professional 'admirer' of architecture, design and cinema, I favor aerial cityscapes over other types of photography. I love the challenge they present, the rush and the excitement of hovering above the city's rooftops. It's such a liberating experience.

There's also a particular sense of achievement that comes with aerial photography: that instant when everything lines up; the light and the darkness, the geometry, the harmony of composition and the perfect timing which ties all of it together. This is why I love this picture so much. It has all of those elements combined."

Location: Hamdan Street, Abu Dhabi
Creation: 2013

Limited editions: 
Limited edition, exclusive to MONDA Gallery, printed on museum quality archival paper and high-grade matte canvas

- Mini: Open, numbered editions, 8 x 12 in (20 x 30 cm)
- Small: 150 editions, 30 x 45 cm
- Medium: 75 editions, 50 x 75 cm
- Large: 30 editions, 67 x 100 cm

Artist-signed certificate provided for "Small" size and above.

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