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Downtown Abu Dhabi

Downtown Abu Dhabi

‘Downtown Abu Dhabi', by BENO SARADZIC

"One of the most difficult and rewarding aspects of aerial photography, captured from a moving aircraft, is finding a compelling subject. This is particularly challenging because of the dynamic nature of this type of photography in which the scenery is constantly changing, shifting, appearing and disappearing. In this capture, my eye was drawn to the diversity of the color patterns, the textures, the high-density of mostly similar looking buildings in a very tight, grid-like urban space. My aim was to capture just an isolated area of Abu Dhabi's busy downtown district; no more, no less. I carefully selected the right focal length on my zoom lens and framed a picture that I feel communicates the complexity of the subject."

Location: Downtown Abu Dhabi
Creation: 2012

Limited editions:
Limited edition, exclusive to MONDA Gallery, printed on museum quality archival paper and high-grade matte canvas

- Mini: Open, numbered editions, 8 x 13 in (20 x 34 cm)
- Small: 150 editions, 30 x 50 cm
- Medium: 75 editions, 50 x 84 cm

Artist-signed certificate provided for "Small" size and above.

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