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"I wasn't really sure how I'd capture this location when I boarded the helicopter on route to the state-of-the-art container terminal at Abu Dhabi's Khalifa Port. It didn't take me long to figure it out though. As I normally do, I asked the pilot to take a few orbits around the site at different altitudes. I was looking for something interesting through the viewfinder of my camera and tried various lenses to see how they would manipulate perspectives and frame my subject. Once the helicopter hovered directly above the colorful rows of containers, their clinical precision and symmetry were instantly apparent. The alignment was striking. I knew that an oblique angle wouldn't work in this scenario, so I opted for a perpendicular angle and made sure that everything was perfectly lined up when I snapped this shot. These kinds of aerial abstracts are my favorite; they offer so much eye candy and leave space for the observer's interpretation. I saw a decoded DNA sequence in this frame. What do you see?"

Location: Khalifa Port, Abu Dhabi
Creation: 2013

Limited editions:
Limited edition, exclusive to MONDA Gallery, printed on museum quality archival paper and high-grade matte canvas

- Mini: Open, numbered editions, 8 x 12 in (20 x 30 cm)
- Small: 150 editions, 30 x 45 cm
- Medium: 75 editions, 50 x 75 cm
- Large: 30 editions, 67 x 100 cm

Artist-signed certificate provided for "Small" size and above.

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