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Types of Frames

Photo and Picture Framing for selections

Photo and Picture Framing

  • Custom Frames: Frames are customized according to the frame style, frame color, size of the material to be framed.
  • Acid free Mount or Passepartout: An additional border to the picture with multiple color options.
  • Picture Protection: Standard glass is commonly used as a top cover for the frame and UV Non-Reflective glass are used for Museum quality frames.
  • Frame Quality: Both wooden and fiber frames are durable and finishing quality is guaranteed.
Box-Type Framing for selections

Box-Type Framing

  • Deep Frames: Perfect for showcasing deeper and flat items with a box effect.
  • Mounting: Acid free background helps for protection and top window mount contribute 3D effect.
  • Protective Glass: Choose from Standard glass, Matt glass, Acrylic, or UV Non-reflective glass.
  • Custom Layouts: Get creative with the arrangement of multiple items within the frame.
Canvas Framing for selections

Canvas Framing

  • Stretching Service: We professionally stretch your canvas on a wooden structure.
  • Floating Frames: Achieve a shadow effect with floating frames that leave a gap between the canvas and the frame.
  • Standard Frames: Canvas stretched on a wooden structure or MDF board can be framed with standard frames without glass.
  • Ready to Hang: Comes with hanging hardware for easy wall mounting.

Medal Framing

  • Secure Display: Custom mounts and holders keep your medals securely in place.
  • Multiple Layouts: Display single or multiple medals, along with ribbons and certificates.
  • Protective Glass: Choose from Standard glass, Matt glass, Acrylic, or UV Non-reflective glass for preventing from dust and fading.
  • Personal Touch: Add engraved plaques or inscriptions for a personalized touch.
  • Elegant Presentation: High-quality materials and craftsmanship ensure a distinguished display.
T-shirt or Jersey Framing for selections

T-Shirt or Jersey Framing

  • Professional Mounting: Your t-shirts and jerseys are carefully stitched to a background mount board to avoid wrinkles.
  • Shadow Box Frames: Deep frames accommodate the thickness of the t-shirts and jersey.
  • Glass: Keeps the colors of your fabric from fading.
  • Custom Backgrounds: Choose background mount that complement your jersey colors.
  • Display Extras: Include team photos, plaques, and other memorabilia within the frame.
Memorabilia Framing

Memorabilia Framing

  • Custom Layouts: We design layouts to display various types of memorabilia depends on the size and depth of the material.
  • Archival Materials: Preserve the condition of your items with archival-quality materials.
  • 3D Objects: Special framing techniques for items like souvenirs and collectibles.
  • Design: Frames and backgrounds that enhance the theme of your memorabilia.
  • Secure Mounting: Ensures all items are securely and attractively displayed.
Puzzle Framing for selections

Puzzle Framing

  • Puzzle Assembly: We professionally assemble and paste your puzzle to a background mount board.
  • Custom Frames: We customize a frame that fit the exact dimensions of your puzzle.
  • Matting Options: Enhance your puzzle with a mount border that complements the artwork.
  • Glass Option: Puzzle can be framed with or without a mount border all around.
Carpet and Fabric Framing for selections

Carpet and Fabric Framing

  • Specialty Mounting: Techniques designed to display fabric material without causing damage.
  • Custom Frames: Frames made to the size, shape, depth and style of your carpet or fabric.
  • Protective Covers: Optional glass or acrylic to protect from dust and fading.
  • Elegant Backing: High-quality MDF backing that supports and enhances the fabric’s appearance and installation process on the wall as well.

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