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A coral reef like painting using alcohol ink on yupo paper
Ancient Seas
Arabian silver jewelry
Arabian silver jewelry
Arabic coffee pot beside the dates, Quran and prayer beads on the table
Coffee Pot I
Coffee Pot II - MONDA Gallery
Coffee Pot II
5 duck walking in a single line
One Arabian man riding a camel along with 3 other camels
A cougar on a swamp forest
Desert Groove - MONDA Gallery
Desert Groove
Hamsa with mosque on  the background
A doorway with flowers around it
Harmony - MONDA Gallery
A pond full of water lilies
One old Arabian man holding wooden cane stick while kneeling on the sand
Knife with cover and a Castle on the background
An Abstract painting that represents a bridge
The Bridge
3 flamingos playing on the river
5 man falls in line while raising a bronze colored cup on their hand
5 grouse birds in the winter forest