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Tariq "Rick" Sharif

Tariq "Rick" SharifTariq “Rick” Sharif is a British, Bahraini born creative and blade artist, who has developed the unique ability to create artworks, mostly portraits, by cutting sheets of coloured paper, hands-free, and superimposing them to create captivating renderings of celebrities, movie characters, comic heroes, and people from all walks of life.

Every artwork is therefore fully hand-made and unique. A look at his works from the distance reveals powerful, photographic-like images, while a close look reveals each individual cut, made by hand with a blade.

Tariq’s passion for the comics world has made him realize “portraits” of Superman, Hulk, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, and many others. His portraits of celebrities include Kristen Stewart, Larry Hagman, and many others.

His strength lies in his ability to create commissioned portraits which are highly praised as personal gifts.

Tariq Sharif has a background in corporate communications. He is the owner of Arkham Creative and currently lives in Dubai.