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Sonu Sultania

Sonu Sultania Profile Picture

Born and raised in Kolkata, India, Sonu is an award-winning contemporary artist driven by her passion and emotions. Her art palette is a mix of vibrant and somber hues, which bring her subjects to life.

Sonu likes experimenting with several techniques and media but Alcohol Inks & Oils are her favorite. Having lived in several countries, Sonu uses travelling as a great opportunity to explore and delve into the cultural influences and origins of the art produced in those various communities, cities and countries.

Sonu also gets her inspirations from her photography and various philosophies which focus on nature, love, tolerance, worship of God, community development and personal development through self-discipline and responsibility. Sonu has participated in several art exhibitions across the world & was recently awarded the Noon Artist Award 2019 for her work, Spring in Her Steps. Among her private projects, she has been commissioned custom artworks for many high-profile private clients in UAE & around the world.

Instagram- @sonusultaniaa


I am a visual storyteller and each of my work revolves around a tale, a stolen moment, a dream or a journey, it could be real or a fantasy, but it would be magical. The process behind my ink paintings is very therapeutic which blends meditation with my artistic ideas and helps to focus on my perceptions, imagination, and feelings to create something that explores & expresses my inner world as well as my surroundings.