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Jehangir Sabavala

Jehangir Sabavala is an Indian master who built and developed throughout his artistic life a unique style based on a mixture of academic, impressionist and cubic approaches. A contemporary of M.F. Hussain – he helped Jehangir set up his first exhibition at the Taj Mahal Palace, and they passed away the same year, in 2011 – Jehangir studied art in Mumbai, London and Paris, where he lived several years before returning to his native Mumbai.

In a permanent quest of the perfect awe-inspiring picture, Jehangir’s subjects were for the most part landscapes and characters. While the balance between academic, impressionist and cubic approaches in his work evolved over the year, all elements firmly remained throughout his career.

A recipient of the Padma Shri award by the Government of India in 1977 and Lalit Kala Ratna by the President of India of 2007, Jehangir saw his works auction at record prices during his lifetime.