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Beddru is an Italian self-taught artist originally from Sicily. His first formative years were spent in Agrigento, where he absorbed the influence of traditional Greek art, its mesmerizing attention to beauty and the imposing volumes of human bodies. Beddru brings all these elements to life on his plexiglas panels or canvas, through a palette of vigorous colors and rich Mediterranean textures derived from the reminiscences of the former Arabic domination on his island.

Beddru's distinctive approach to painting awakes memories and experiences from an apparent state of sleep, conveying them to the present time where the observers discover his unconventional world of art.

Painting becomes a medium to represent his visions and beliefs, a way to represent humankind in a large scale of portrayals, from joy to sorrow, as all emotions deserve to be represented.

His brushes break social conventions and clear out useless sophistication, leading our attention to the essence: humankind in its whole. His vibrant chromatic effects are the result of a deep “osmotic” relationship with his pigments. As he himself admits: “I work without gloves on purpose so that my inks can penetrate my skin while painting, and I can feel the colours”.

After having admired and studied the works of the great masters in the 90’s, the artist decided to leave Italy and move abroad for good.

Beddru currently lives and paints in his studio in Brussels, exhibiting internationally on a regular basis in venues spanning from well reputed art-fairs to museums with both solo and collective exhibitions. His artwork is part of international contemporary art private collections.


A Better Land
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From $1,200.00
Alter Ego
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As One
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From $1,200.00