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Bart Van Zweeden

Bart Van Zweeden Profile Picture

Bart van Zweeden (1958) living in the Netherlands is a professional artist who has been painting since 1976. His work is predominantly figurative in nature, choosing his themes from various sources such as the city where he was born, the environment, nature, but also current political situations. In addition to the figurative approach, he also opts for an experimental approach in his work. Multimedia resources are used for this, such as screen printing, acrylic paint and oil paint. The work is sold worldwide through. . . Show More >


Wind Towers 2
Wind Towers 1
Tribute To Warhol
Crowded City
My Childhood
Red Tower
Red Tower
In My Dreams (1e)
Economic Tree
African Summer
My Old House
The Complexity of Biology
No Worries, Everything Will Be Fine
Can You See America?
Morning In the East
There's Always A Next Morning
Why Don't We Go for A Clear Sky?
Sometimes Expectations Are Too High
Arabic Life