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The Dolphin

The Dolphin

Original artwork by MEETU GARG

Dolphins speak to us of the rhythm of our emotions.

Breathing in joy before plunging into the depths and rushing to the surface to do it all over again, tantalizing the imagination that leads us to racing to see what is at the end of the horizon, having a playful spirit, being curious and gliding through the day with ease, find the life purpose and jump with joy.

In this painting, I wanted to showcase ‘’A strong Woman”. How she sacrifices her life at every step of life, how she bounces back after a major crisis, how she comes out of her shell after being suppressed for long, how she never gives up no matter what. This same woman needs a breather now and then, to just breathe and be herself and then dive back in into the real world and take charge again of all her worldly responsibilities

- 90 x 120 cm
- Mixed Media on thick edged stretched canvas
- 2017

Ships stretched in UAE or rolled internationally

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