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What's up Mom?

What's up Mom?

Artist, Shefali Ranthe: "I use colours as an exciting challenge between canvas, brush and myself. To me art is like a colourful cocktail spiced with joy and imagination. I find inspiration in everyday life, colours that surround me, people I meet and things I observe. In my world all colours have their unique movement and rhythm. What I see is reflected and transformed into symbolism and colourful adventures. My goal is to give people an experience of harmony and long lasting joy. I try to pass on this positive energy and leave the observer in a good mood to stimulate their inspiration and curiosity."

Limited editions: 
- Museum quality 320 gsm archival paper or high quality canvas
- Mini: Open, numbered editions
- Small: 150 editions
- Medium: 75 editions
- Limited editions hand signed by the artist
- Exclusive to MONDA Gallery

Original artwork: 
- Acrylic on Canvas using mixed media
- 60x60 cm
- 2011
- Available for purchase and viewing in Dubai:

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