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The Camel Keeper

The Camel Keeper

The Camel Keeper  was painted in 2014. The artist, ELIZABETH BRUCE, lives in Dubai and is fascinated by Arabian culture. This is just one piece in her collection of Arabian artworks.

"This piece was inspired by a visit to a Camel Race in Dubai in 2014. The subject of the painting is a young boy who caught my eye and was happy to be captured on camera. He had a most engaging expression."

Elizabeth successfully conveyed the intensity of the boy’s expression through his eyes particularly, making the subject look outwards and beyond the viewer.

Limited editions:
Museum quality 320 gsm archival paper or high quality canvas
Limited / numbered editions, exclusive to MONDA Gallery

- Mini: numbered open editions
- Small: 150 editions
- Medium: 75 editions
- Large: 30 editions
- Provided with artist signed certificate of authenticity

This artwork is offered on extra white 300 gsm fine art paper or 380 gsm high-quality canvas.

Paper framed behind glass with 2 x 3 cm or 3 x 2 cm black fiber frame.
Canvas stretched on 2.5 cm deep wood or stretched & framed with 1.8 x 3.5 cm black L-shaped floating frame.

Please contact us for custom framing as desired.

Original artwork:
- Pastels on pastel matte with acrylics
- 50 x 33 cm
- 2014- Available for purchase

Please inquire at +971. or

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