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Khan El-Khalili District

Khan El-Khalili District

Oriental Scene

Oil on canvas, signed, by Georg Macco (Aachen 1863-1933 Genoa)
52 x 38 cm (73 x 59 cm including frame), 1919

Available for viewing in Dubai on appointment.

Part of MONDA Gallery 19th and 20th century ORIENTALIST COLLECTION

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Georg Macco (1863-1933) Khan el-Khalili district.

Georg Macco was a leading German Orientalist artist. He undertook numerous journeys to North Africa and to the Middle-East.  There he found inspiration and motifs for his paintings that eventually made him one of the most sought-after German Orientalist.  His works impress with their expression, colour and light effects. They also have a pronounced sense of detail and mood. This oil painting has all these artistic qualities.  Macco depicts a busy crowd and merchants in Cairo’s famous bazaar district Khan el-Khalili.   The hustle and bustle, the heat , the dust, and the noise are almost tangible.

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