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Drifting in Daylight

Drifting in Daylight

Drifting in Daylight  was painted in 2014. The artist, ELIZABETH BRUCE, lives in Dubai and is fascinated by Arabian culture. This is just one piece in her collection of Desert Princesses.

“Inspired by the dazzling hustle and bustle of modern city life, this graceful dreaming Sheikha, Drifting in Daylight, stops us in our tracks. We are drawn to far and beyond the horizon space around her. There is an air of suspense. She appears calm and contemplative amidst her opulent surroundings. Effervescent, shimmering eyes with specks of vivid colours mirror the window of her soul. Guided by her inner voice she must follow her path of destiny.”

Limited editions:
Museum quality 320 gsm archival paper or high quality canvas
Limited / numbered editions, exclusive to MONDA Gallery

- Mini: numbered open editions
- Small: 150 editions
- Medium: 75 editions
- Large: 30 editions
- Provided with artist signed certificate of authenticity

Original artwork:
- Acrylics on paper
- 27 x 36 cm
- 2014
- Available for purchase

Please inquire at +971. or

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