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Desert Warrior

Desert Warrior

Elizabeth Bruce is passionate about camels and likes to visit the desert where these determined animals can often be seen roaming free. Painted in 2014, this work was inspired after the artist spotted a caravan of camels running across the Arabian Desert in the early morning.

"My passion for camels inspired me to portray the beautiful subject and free spirit of this camel. The focus of this piece is to convey "Desert Warrior's" happiness and energy. He is portrayed in the bright sunlight roaming in the large open space of the desert creating an ethereal experience for the spectator. I have used a palette of vivid, contrasting, fractured hues to draw the attention to it's focal point. The use of swirling, rhythmical lines are an important element in the painting and help create a captivating moment in time.”

Limited editions:
Museum quality 320 gsm archival paper or high quality canvas
Limited / numbered editions, exclusive to MONDA Gallery

- Mini: numbered open editions
- Small: 150 editions
- Limited editions (Small) are hand signed by the artist

Original artwork:
- Acrylics with pen and ink on paper
- 30 x 40 cm
- 2014

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