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Desert Princess

Desert Princess

Desert Princess was painted in 2014. The artist, Elizabeth Bruce, lives in Dubai and is fascinated by Arabian culture. This is just one piece in her collection of Desert Princesses.

This painting illustrates a Bedouin Sheikha in the desert. She is the focal point of the composition. With vibrant, active brushstrokes and warm, striking colours, attention is drawn to her enticing amber eyes. The artist's technique in acrylics is successful in creating mood and atmosphere.

“A feeling of warmth and excitement prevailed when I embarked on this painting. She is of Bedouin origin, beautiful, mesmerizing and mysterious. I have tried to portray her culture and vibrancy through the use of strong lighting, dramatic reds and flesh tones on her face and abaya. I hope the spectator is drawn to her captivating, tantalizing and soft, brown eyes.”

Limited editions:
Museum quality 320 gsm archival paper or high quality canvas
Limited / numbered editions, exclusive to MONDA Gallery

- Mini: numbered open editions
- Small: 150 editions
- Medium: 75 editions
- Large: 30 editions
- Provided with artist signed certificate of authenticity

Original artwork:
- Acrylics on paper
- 20 x 29 cm
- 2014
- Owned by a private collector

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