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Cabestro Rojo (Meek Red Bull)

Cabestro Rojo (Meek Red Bull)

Original artwork by JOE BARROS

Joe is a bullfighting lover. He loves the “Fiesta Brava” and he always trying to convey how this art and tradition are. The meek bulls are tame bulls and they are used to lead the brave bulls and maintain them into the pack. In this case, Joe painted a tame bull afraid in the pasture.

According to the artist, it represents that freak moment when suddenly something happens and is attacking them. For him, This kind of piece is always difficult to create. What he likes the most about this artwork are the composition and the bull expression.

This is perfect to place in the living room or bedroom.

- 20 x 40 cm
- Ink on paper
- Framed
- 2017

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