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A Lively Market Square

A Lively Market Square

A Lively Market Square

Oil on canvas, signed, by Frédéric Marius de Buzon (French,1879-1958)
46 x 55 cm (66 x 57 cm including frame)

For sale globally (global shipment), and for sale or rent in the UAE

Available for viewing in Dubai on appointment

Part of MONDA Gallery 19th and 20th century ORIENTALIST COLLECTION and MONDA Gallery RENTAL COLLECTION

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Frédéric Marius de Buzon (French, 1879-1958) A lively market square in Touggourt Algeria.

De Buzon is considered as one of the most influential Orientalists of the Algiers School of painting, and one of its principle founders.  This contemporary movement of Orientalist art created by mainly French artists, was founded in Algeria in 1907 and continued for over forty years.  De Buzon was awarded the Abd-el-Tif prize in 1913. He received a gold medal at the Salon of French artists in 1922 (for The Kabyle Market and The Return of the Market), and a vermilion medal from the Society of French Orientalist painters in 1922. De Buzon taught at the Algerian Academy of Arts in the 1930s.  In the 1950s he travelled widely to Algeria, Spain and to Morocco.

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