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Olivia BOA current exhibition catalogue - Sofitel The Palm

We are currently exhibiting at the Sofitel The Palm (Dubai) 13 original artworks of Olivia Boa, an incredible French artist who built on her personal life to create meaningful and aesthetically fascinating paintings in two styles: one painted blindfolded, and one where she superimposes pixels to her subject as a way to create additional movement, energy and harmony.

The two artistic approaches which she has applied to Dubai in this collection elicit two distinct ranges of perceptions and reactions in the viewer.

When she paints blindfolded, a technique developed to explore the world of her blind son, Olivia lets go of the analysis of structures, forms and colors. Then, emotions and creativity fully and freely drive her work, which naturally appeals to the viewer’s right brain hemisphere, the emotional hemisphere.

When she paints eyes open, she meticulously analyses colors, structures and forms in the most minute details to create harmony. She superimposes “pixels” to her representations in order to add movement to her creations, in reference to particles in quantum physics which are always in motion. Then, conscious and structured thinking drives her work, which naturally appeals to the viewer’s left brain hemisphere, the analytical hemisphere.

As she has observed as an active therapist we often in daily life activate our left and right brain hemispheres separately. Interestingly, women have a tendency to use their right hemisphere more and men their left hemisphere more. Her aim as an artist and therapist combined is to entice viewers of her “pixel” and “blind” creations to use both hemispheres in greater harmony.

A mother of three, ex model and professional boxer, Olivia Boa currently lives and works in Fribourg, Switzerland. 


Exhibition details

- Throughout May and June 2014

- Lobby, 1st floor, Sofitel The Palm, main entrance, East Crescent road, The Palm Jumeirah (after Atlantis)

- 13 original artworks and prints available for viewing and purchase

- Open 24h

- For more information, please contact us at or

- On site, please contact the Concierge for any acquisition



Exhibition overview


Olivia Boa painting live at Sofitel The Palm on 2 May 2014 


Exhibition overview - Part 1 


 Exhibition overview - Part 2


Exhibition overview - Part 3


Original artwork on display

The Tree (blind), 100 x 80 cm


Burj Al Arab (pixels), 80 x 100 cm


Burj Al Arab (blind), 80 x 100 cm


Burj Khalifa Study (pixels), 120 x 80 cm


Burj Khalifa Study (blind), 120 x 80 cm


Burj Khalifa (pixels), 152 x 100 cm


Burj Khalifa (blind), 152 x 100 cm


Passage to Dubai (pixels), 95x 150 cm


Passage to Dubai (blind), 95 x 150 cm


The Palm Jumeirah (pixels), 100 x 150 cm


The Palm Jumeirah (blind), 110 x 150 cm


Dubai Skyline (pixels), 100 x 180 cm

On The Island (pixels), 100 x 80 cm



On request at and