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Living Myanmar exhibition at Sofitel The Palm - from Dec 1, 2015 to Jan 9, 2016

MONDA Gallery, Myanmar Ink Gallery (Dubai) and Sofitel The Palm are pleased to invite you to visit “Living Myanmar” this December, an art exhibition featuring 7 Myanmar masters showcasing contemporary life scenes and landscapes characteristics to Myanmar. 

Artists Khin Aung Khant, Phoe San, Yan Naing Oo, Thet Tun Oo, Nan Da, Win Lwin Aung, and Ye Aung Myat offer a vibrant peak into the experience that a trip to the country would entail to its visitors, with the added layer of their own sensibilities and artistic focus.

The exhibition is running from Dec 1, 2015 to Jan 9, 2016, and is open 24/7 in Sofitel The Palm dedicated art space on the ground floor.

Some examples of the works exhibited include the following:

The Forest, by Khin Aung Khant, acrylic on canvas, 122x152 cm. 

Khin Aung Khant represents vegetation filles natural scenes in a unique expressionist style made of a multitude of straight strokes, conveying a to the viewer a sense that the picture is just as alive as nature itself. 




How we live on Earth II, by Phoe San, acrylic on canvas, 122x152 cm. 

Phoe San’s work focuses on the people of Myanmar, so much so that he often represents them without their environment, yet often with their domesticated animals such as buffaloes. The stillness of his representations invite the viewer to share with the subjects that one instant of their life captured by Phoe San on the canvas.



The Nuns I, by Yan Naing Oo, acrylic on canvas, 92x122 cm.

Yan Naing Oo often represents a pair of nuns in the background of beautiful Myanmar in a captivating minimalist style strengthened by vibrant colors. One can only feel through such paintings the strength provided by the religion to the Myanmar people to live their everyday life in an environment that we know to be difficult, yet fantastically beautiful at the same time. Yan Naing Oo also celebrates Myanmar’s beauty through paintings representing landscapes only, also in his signature colorful minimalist style.

The Hand, by Thet Tun Oo, acrylic on canvas, 122x92 cm

A beautiful Buddha’s hand, offering peace in a perfectly executed photo-realistic style.






Night Hawker, by Nan Da, oil on canvas, 112x92cm

Nan Da specializes in night scenes of Myanmar food markets, using light to convey the warmth and livelihood of the place, as if you were there, in the food market, with him and the subjects.




The dream of Pilgrim, by Win Lwin Aung, acrylic on canvas, 122x152 cm

Enter the dreams of the Myanmar people, as the artist seas them. Often represented on cloudy grounds, Win Lwin Aung’s subjects seem to be progressing towards a different life, and it is left to the viewer’s appreciated to judge whether this new life is on earth itself, or not.



On the road I, by Ye Aung Myat, oil on canvas, 152x122 cm

Renowned for his Myanmar trucks cutting through the road dust, Ye Aung Myat presents two of his pieces in this exhibition where – as usual – the viewer will almost experience the truck coming at him. The dust and movement are palpable, the sound made easy to imagine, and the truck itself made incredibly realistic.




For more information, please call us at (MONDA Gallery), call Sofitel The Palm at, call Myanmar Ink Art Gallery at or email us at Contact@MondaGallery.com

Sofitel The Palm dedicated art space is located on the ground floor, left after entering the main lobby. Please ask the Concierge for directions if required.