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Framing Your Artworks In Dubai

If you wish to frame artworks, paintings, or photographs in Dubai, there are many options to choose from and the option selection entirely depends on your own requirements.

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Cost considerations

Framing can quickly be costly, because of the materials used, the labor involved, and special care required to reach the desired result. But framing can also be very cost effective, as long as you use standard solutions, mainstream materials, sometimes even pre-made frames from Ikea or local photo shops, if this is what you need (more on Ikea frames further down).

In some cases, you may only require the cheapest framing option to simply “have that picture hanging on the wall for practical rather than aesthetic reasons”; while in other cases you may wish to frame an artwork, which is extremely valuable to you and which you want to display as a masterpiece in your living room. In this case, aesthetics and quality of the end-result are essential, and the use of higher quality materials would be justified to make sure that the outcome matches exactly what you had in mind at the outset.

At all steps of the framing decision making, one should match aesthetics, quality and cost of materials with what you need – no less and no more, to ensure that your framing spending is exactly right for your specific needs.

Framing Service by MONDA Gallery


Framing aesthetics shall be decided by you, the customer. Only you know what framing look & feel you want to create in your environment – home or office. However, we can always guide you with your frame selection: should the frame be thin or wide? Deep or not? Which color? Which material? Should you have a mount or passe-partout around the picture? If so, how large? What color? White core or not? Should you have a double mount? Perhaps create a liner to make your artwork look more prominent? Would you like to create a box effect? Should you have a glass cover? If so, standard glass, anti-reflective glass, and/or UV protective glass?

To achieve the exact framing you expect, we can share with you the images of frames, mounts, and earlier finished frames we have made over the years. And we will help you select about the large variety of material framing options we have in stock.


Every city is different, but convenience in Dubai more and more sounds like “not having to drive here or there” to get something done, including framing, because it will quickly claim two hours out of your schedule to go somewhere, park, have it done, and come back.

When it comes to framing, sometimes you do need to see that frame beside your artwork to select it, and you need to meet and discuss with a professional to understand well the available options.

Nevertheless, a lot can be done remotely, and we find that most of the time a quick exchange of key pictures via WhatsApp – pictures of your artworks, your environment, or other frames you have at home, and from our side pictures of proposed framing materials and previous framing jobs – can take you a long way towards your decision.

If required, we will create a digital preview of your prospective framing options. It is sometimes helpful to arrive at your final decision and know exactly what to expect.

Once all the framing elements are decided, we can give you a definitive framing quote remotely, and then simply come and pick-up your artworks at your home and deliver the finished frame back to you once ready. As simple as that. And it will take only a few days for the entire process, from start to finish, without you having to go anywhere.

Of course, if you still wish to meet us and come and see framing materials in our office, you are more than welcome to! Sometimes it is easier indeed, usually when you have very specific framing requirements or require to frame a large number of artworks at once.

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Special framing

You may have special requirements, like framing jerseys or artifacts or combining several pictures into one unique frame. That is not a problem and we can, of course, assist you with your special framing requirements as well.

We can also print your photos or digital artworks on paper or canvas before framing 97them.

Ikea frames

Ikea offers a variety of pre-made frames, and sometimes, it is just all you need, especially if you are operating on a budget or want to frame a poster or inexpensive artwork. Their frames come with a standard mount, and sometimes we simply frame artworks in Ikea frames brought to us by customers. Our role, in that case, consists of cutting a new matt/passe-partout to the right size and properly seal the frame.

Our recommendation: do stay away if possible from MDF frames: this is a weak material which will bend over time, leaving you with curvy frames. Large ones can also break occasionally by themselves over time. Wooden frames or metallic frames are more resistant, and if they match your size requirements they are indeed cost-effective.

Next steps

For more information about our framing assistance and services, contact via phone or WhatsApp on, or come and visit is us. We are located in the vicinity of Arabian Ranches / Motor City / Victory Heights close to the Dubai Miracle Gardens.

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