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How to Calculate an Idea

How to Calculate an Idea


Original artwork
- Acrylic on canvas
- 50 x 100 cm
- 2014

Fine art prints
- Mini 20 x 40 cm Paper - Numbered open edition
- Small 35 x 70cm Paper - 150 editions
- Medium 60 x 120 cm Paper or Canvas - 75 editions
- Large 80 x 160 cm Canvas - 30 editions
- Extra Large 100 x 200 cm Canvas - 20 editions

For viewing in Dubai and for overseas delivery, please email or call +971.

Stefano Carantini: “Art is a state of mind. I've always been attracted by any form and expression of art, and I have always performed art in a way or another. I always try to catch art expressions wherever they reveal themselves, even in unusual and unexpected ways. That's an exercise of style that continuously guides my thoughts.”

With visual arts, Stefano is attracted by colors, ideas, matter, scratches… He always experiments and currently mainly paints abstract work with acrylics on canvas, where geometrical shapes, often squares or rectangles, are blurred with colors to convey the states of mind which he explores. Textures, also, are incorporated in a subtle but meaningful way in his works.

Stefano usually starts with a graphic structure and then looks for illogical perfection. He uses and modifies colors through a sort of shapes transformation process. Paintings come off and mutate under his knives. Until they can communicate their spirit and essence.

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