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Monda Gallery has the pleasure to host in our Sofitel the Palm exhibition space a new exhibition organized by ART4You Gallery. The show curated by Jesno Jackson brings together 6 artists from 5 different countries, India, United Kingdom, China, Canada, and Indonesia.

Please note that the show has been extended until December 20th, with the only exception of Wang Lee's works.

Visit our gallery at Sofitel The Palm to discover the artworks of Saddaf Saeed, Wang Lee, Peter Farrington, Lalu Syaikani, Mena Malgavkar and Anju Mehta.

The exhibition is open 24 / 7 from November 24th till December 5th, 2019.

Artists information: 

  • Peter Farrington ━ Peter Farrington is a late-in-life self-taught Canadian artist who was unexpectedly drawn into art within weeks upon his arrival in the Middle East (Oman). Peter's painting style ranges from impressionistic to abstract, usually on canvases at least 1 m² or larger. Working primarily in acrylic, his artistic exploration takes him to many places, at scales from microscopic and quantum to interstellar. There is a reoccupation in his work with the underwater world; reefs and sea creatures, sometimes clearly evident, while at other times forming in empty spaces between brush strokes. His impressionistic style and vibrant colours are reminiscent of artists of the past, but the distinctly spiritual and natural imagery reveal the influences of both the Middle Eastern environment where he lives and his maritime roots. Peter has participated in a number of joint exhibitions in man and Dubai, and in 2015 had a solo exhibition at the Bait Muzna Gallery in Muscat, Oman. Most recently Peter's work has showcased at The Palm Retreat Hotel, and in Los Angeles.


  • Anju Mehta's Profile Picture
    Anju Mehta ━ Self-created & highly motivated artist. I began my journey in art fourteen years ago with crafting. Eventually delving deeper, and learning new forms of art, I finally found bliss in Mural paintings and clay work.  I am very passionate about what I do. In all my painting I try to integrate the basic elements of love and nurturing. I find murals very intriguing, due to the fine intricate design, patience and vision with colours it requires.  With clay work, I can always get creative, free and mould the pieces as I carve and paint them.


  • Lalu Syaukani
    Lalu Syaikani ━ Lalu is an internationally acclaimed artist from Indonesia. He has been painting for over 20 years exhibiting in Canada, Europe, and Singapore. His style has been likened to 'decorative impressionism' in his bold use of colour and layering of techniques creating an impression of beauty that is stunningly eye-catching.



  • Mena Malgavkar
    Mena Malgavkar ━ After graduating from Bangalore University(BFA) with honours, Mena has worked as an Art Director in advertising agencies such as Mudra, Rediffusion, FCB. Some of her work has won awards. Her first solo show in 2013 at The Russian Centre, Mumbai, was very well received. There has been no looking back since. She also works on Institutional design, where she designs space with hand-painted art.  She works out of her studio in Mumbai and has many International and National shows to her credit.  She has been commissioned to do works of art for private homes and spaces in Poland and Bulgaria and her work has been shown at festivals and galleries in Paris and Dubai.


  • Saddaf Saeed
    Saddaf Saeed ━ Saddaf Saeed is an abstract artist, from Manchester (UK) and based in the UAE. Saddaf gained a GCSE in Art & Design, however, the rest of her academic and professional work has been in Law & Mathematics, but despite this, her work has made an explosive introduction in the Art World. Her paintings have been exhibited in Dubai, Sharjah, UK and most recently Mauritius. Saddaf was selected to represent the UK for International Women's Arts Day 2019. She also featured in the book "Woman Artists Around the World" and many of her paintings form part of the private collections of both local and international Art lovers and collections.
    Saddaf is a self-taught resin artist, working with mixed mediums including semi-precious gems, acrylics, crystals, glass, glitters and cosmetic pigments. Saddaf has a unique style from other resin artists as pushes the boundaries of resins and her work continues to evolve.

  • Wang Lee ━ A famous artist and poet, was born in the 1940s(1943). Chinese fine arts appreciation of professional artwork, calligraphy, and painting. Wang Lee graduated from the Chinese Department of Hangzhou University in Zhenjiang Province in 1967, and he began to practice painting at the age of 7.
    As a famous poet and artist in Zhenjiang Province of China, Wang Lee's painting works are presented for appreciation. He is the most popular and renowned writer and artist in China, and his painting, calligraphy, and artistic works are the most favourite in the world. He is in a good taste of appreciation. At college, he had associated with famous writers and painters and benefited a lot from their edification. China's TV programs (such as Winning in China) reported on him many times, causing widespread reverberation in the society and making him highly praised. Since 1995, he had spent 14 years on his work. As the honorary president of Calligraphy and Painting Research Institute established by China Association of Cadre Painters and is a member of Qianjiang Poetry Society in China's Hangzhou City, Zhenjiang Province. Wang Lee has created poems, essays, TV plays and other works that are reported by Chinese media, and he has been rated as one of the best and highly praised writers and professionals while being famous for figure painting, landscape painting and flower-and-bird painting. In December 2008, he completed the long-volume landscape painting (Praising Taizhou for Mountain Soul and Sea Spirit) with a total length of 31.5 meters. In 2013, he accomplished a long scroll of traditional Chinese painting landscape painting for appreciation (Cloud Pictures of Yandang Mountain) with a total length of 21.4 meters. Wang Lee, also a famous writer, is capable of appreciating the best world art and famous paintings.