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Burj Khalifa (pixels)

Burj Khalifa (pixels)

Olivia BoaFor her May 2014 Dubai exhibition,  Olivia Boa applied both her “pixels” and “blind” styles to the most iconic landmarks of the city, creating five pairs of large size paintings as well as a Dubai Skyline in “pixels” only.  Using the city as a subject, she created structured harmony of colors and forms in her “pixels” style, typically appealing to the analytical left side of the viewer’s brain, while expressing raw emotions in her “blind” style, typically appealing to the emotional right side of the viewer’s brain. In the process, she enticed viewers of her creations to use both hemispheres in greater harmony, an objective which she is pursuing both as an artist and therapist.

Original artwork: 
- Acrylic on canvas
- 150 x 100 cm
- 2014
- Inquire to purchase original:

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