About Shefali Ranthe

Shefali Ranthe was born in Bangladesh, grew up in Denmark from the age of 7 and currently lives and works in the United Arab Emirates. A full-time practicing artist since 2000 who has always drawn for as far as she can remember, she studied art at the Art Academy and Art School of Aarhus (Denmark) and has extensively exhibited in Denmark and Dubai since 2005.“To me art is about happiness, surprise and thought. This is true both in the creating process and in experiencing the result. Art makes me feel alive”.

To Shefali, art is a source of energy and development tapped from constantly pushing herself in terms of inspiration and new ways of expressing herself – a source of energy which she wants to share: “My goal is to give people an experience of harmony and long lasting joy. I try to pass on this positive energy and leave the observer in a good mood and stimulate his or her inspiration and curiosity. If you sense this feeling I have reached my goal!”

Shefali draws inspiration from her surrounding environment in every day life, including her children, colors that surround her, personal encounters and travels. From there, she has developed a variety of collections which include African Expressions, Joy of Life, and Imagination of Colors. Enjoy!