Megumi Yoshitake picture on MONDA Gallery websiteBorn in 1965, Megumi Yoshitake is a Japanese journalist photographer. Initially fascinated by the tale of Lawrence of Arabia, she developed after a first trip to Syria in 1987 a strong interest and then a life passion for the life of the Bedouins in the Syrian desert. Since 1995, she has been visiting the Syrian deserts every year, and spent time with the same Bedouin family, creating a collection of pictures depicting their lives over the period. In 2014, she published a photo-book called “ARAB - Bedouin of the Syrian Desert: Story of Family” based on this unique experience and photographic collection. The limited edition photo prints presented by MONDA Gallery are a selection from this same collection.

Yoshitake herself, who was single at the beginning, eventually had a spouse, and became a mother. She visited Syria on her honeymoon and introduced her husband to her host family. And when her son was a year and 4 months old, she braved a trip to the desert with him. Since then, she has continued to visit the family with her son. In that sense, ARAB is a history of her own family, while, as a Japanese woman, facing another culture of Bedouin.