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Marwan Karout / Originals

Marwan Karout is a passionate artist working in Dubai. Originating from Lebanon, he has studied and worked in Canada as well and has been the recipient of several international prizes. Pursuing art from a young age, he studied art in Beirut with great assiduity and success before becoming an art teacher and increasingly devoting time to his creative passion. In 2015, he was nominated Artist of the Year at the annual Ras Al Khaimah Fine Arts Festival.

A listener, Marwan Karout has always been touched by the life stories summarized in few minutes discussions by the. . . Show More >


The Forgotten 2
The Forgotten 1
The Letter 3
The Letter 1
The Dreamers 6
The Dreamers 5
The Dreamers 2
The Dreamers 1
From the Diaries of a Black Dog 1
Ka'ak Vendor
Ka'ak Vendor