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Elizabeth Bruce / Fine Art Prints

Elizabeth Bruce is a Scottish artist living in Dubai. Since her arrival in 2012, she has been passionate about her discoveries of the emirate which she has relentlessly translated into artworks. In her initial series, she created portraits of people met along the way and of elite racing camels whose individual personalities captured her attention. Many more topics are to be expected from this open, prolific and sensitive artist who has published with MONDA Gallery an initial series of two racing camels and a captivating “Desert Princess”. 

Elizabeth started her professional career as an Art Teacher after being awarded the enviable Patrick-Allan Scholarship and graduating with a BA Honours in Drawing and Painting from Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen, Scotland. She has a postgraduate in Art teaching and Media Studies. Since moving to Dubai she has had the opportunity to pursue full time her career in painting. Elizabeth has exhibited in a variety of art galleries in Scotland and more recently in Dubai.


"Art has always been a huge part of my life. For as long as I discovered my ability to draw, I have been engaged in art. Encouraging my three children from an early age to draw and appreciate art, I also had great fun doing 'arty' things with them when they were young. Two of them have now gone on to be talented drawers and produce beautiful artworks.

Painting requires energy, focus and commitment and many hours are spent on each painting. Every line and brushstroke comes right from the heart and is meaningful and purposeful. Colour, texture, pattern, and composition evoke sentiments in us and remind us of feelings - perhaps of an idyllic time. We experience emotion when we look at art and our emotional feelings are often heightened. Life without art would be dull!

Now, having the opportunity to live in Dubai and experience a different culture has excited and inspired me to further develop my art. For me, this is an idyllic time and since arriving in Dubai my paintings have become more vibrant and vivid. The colours in the landscape are warm and contrasting - very different to back home in Scotland.

My life is my canvas and my paintings reflect my personality, inspiration, and passion for the culture and heritage of UAE. My paintings share this experience with you and invite you to enjoy the experience, too."

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