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Copper Ocean

Copper Ocean

'Copper Ocean’, by BENO SARADZIC

"I've always wanted to capture that classic scene of the camel caravan crossing the desert in glorious 'Panavision' cinema format. But that proved to be easier said than done. You won't find such views by driving on the highway through the desert or near the city. You'll have to take your camera into the deep desert and that requires a great deal of planning and a touch of luck."

Location: Razeen Desert, Abu Dhabi
Creation: 2015

Limited editions:
Limited edition, exclusive to MONDA Gallery, printed on museum quality archival paper and high-grade matte canvas

- Mini: Open, numbered editions, 20 x 45 cm
- Small: 150 editions, 30 x 66 cm
- Medium: 75 editions, 50 x 110cm
- Large: 30 editions, 67 x 147 cm
- Extra Large: 15 editions, 100 x 220 cm

Artist-signed certificate provided for "Small" size and above.

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