The Sheikhs Portraits Series - by Cathy Deniset

Posted on January 12, 2017

Don't miss the beautiful sheikhs portraits series by Cathy Deniset, currently exhibited at Sofitel The Palm Dubai on the mezzanine floor of the resort's lobby.

Cathy Deniset sheikhs portraits series

Cathy Deniset is a French, Dubai-based full time artist who started painting in the late 90’s. She learned painting in Paris under the tutelage of renowned artist Christoff Debuschere, and had already honed her skills by the time she arrived in Dubai in the late 2000’s.

Building on her numerous years of practice Cathy is now excelling not only in representing cars and motorbikes – her historical favorites! – but also portraits, and increasingly abstract works.

Passionate about the Emirates where she resides, Cathy wanted with humility to honor its leaders.

“Their personalities are such that my brushes have tried to translate my distinguished feelings in relation to each one of them”, she says.

Sheikh Zayed, regretted but still extremely present among all of us, is painted in sepia tones calling the past up, lifted with gold and highlighted with a parma tint, evoking wisdom and mysticism;

Sheikh Khalifa has been pictured very traditionally with the mixed colors of the national flag, with a touch of yellow ocher for more reality;

Sheikh Mohammed is undoubtedly more serene than nature. I wanted to lighten his thoughts and bring a hint of fantasy in his expression;

His son Sheikh Hamdan was for me a controlled release. His youth and his enthusiasm allowed me to dare bright colors to translate his mastery and passion for life, while respecting his features and volumes;

Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed is still a relatively discreet sheikh, therefore I reserved the soft "black and white" to him … until perhaps I get a chance to know him better?

Sheikh Nahyan with his deliciously malicious eyes had to be painted in deep, luminous tones bearing a few touches of bold colors.”

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