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New Orientalist Collection, available for viewing in Dubai

January 02, 2018

Monda Gallery is proud to introduce a selection of fine Orientalist paintings for sale by some of the best Orientalist artists of the period, all of which are available for viewing in Dubai, on appointment.

The new collection includes the following 11 works which can be seen HERE,
while an introduction to Orientalist Art can be found HERE.

- A portrait of a Bedouin (The Bedouin) and a portrait of a young man (Study of an Oriental Head), both by Leopold Carl Müller (1834-1892), who was one of the leading Austrian orientalist painters of the nineteenth century.
- A ‘Still Life with Decorative Oriental Objects’ painted in 1912 by fellow Austria painter Max Schödl (1834-1921).
- ‘A Market in Egypt’ by the Austrian Orientalist Ludwig Hans Fischer (1848-1915).
A carpet seller in a souk in the Maghreb’, by Italian painter Gustavo Simoni (1846–1926), who gathered fame especially for his fine Orientalist watercolours which show a fine attention to detail and use of a delicate colour palate.
- ‘Resting before the Temple of Karnak’ and ‘Sunset by the Nile’ by Hermann David Salomon Corrodi (1844-1905), a major Italian Orientalist whose patrons included the British Royal family and the Kaiser of Germany.
- ‘Crossing the river on a camel’ by Italian painterst Rubens Santoro (1859-1942)
- A double portrait of a ‘Bedouin and Young Girl’ by Austrain painter Alois Hans Schram (1864-1919) 
- An Oriental Scene depicting a busy crowd and merchants in Cairo’s famous bazaar district Khan el-Khalili, by German Orientalist painter Georg Macco (1863-1933) 
- ‘A lively market square’ in Touggourt, Algeria, by French Orientalist painter Frédéric Marius de Buzon (1879-1958), who is considered one of the most influential Orientalists of the Algiers School of painting, and one of its principle founders.

Our team is at the disposal of collectors for further information and viewing in Dubai.
We can be contacted by email at and by phone at


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