Olivia Boa May 2nd exhibition opening at Sofitel The Palm

Posted on April 20, 2014

Join us on Friday May 2nd anytime between 3pm and 8pm and meet French artist Olivia Boa who will be opening her latest exhibition in Dubai: "One brain, two hemispheres - One artist, two perceptions" (running until May 31st).
Olivia will perform live painting from 5 to 6pm, and a cocktail reception will be held in Habano lounge from 6pm to 8pm.
Families with children are welcome during the afternoon with a kids painting workshop organized from 3pm to 5pm.
Sofitel The Palm kindly offers 20% discount on all restaurants and bars throughout May and June to participants, as well as 33% discount on Pool & Beach access on May 2nd (200 Dhs instead of 300 Dhs, per person), free access to children up to 12, and 75 Dhs of food and beverage consuption offered per adult.
Kindly RSVP with names and email addresses of attendees (mailto: Contact@MondaGallery.com), indicating "afternoon" or "cocktail". Limited availability.
Passionate about perceptions, Olivia has developed two complementary styles: "Blind" and "Pixels". In the "Blind" style, Olivia paints blindfolded, an approach which forces her to set aside detailed analysis of shapes and colors, and let creativity and emotions entirely drive her work. In the "Pixels" style, she analyses shapes and colors to the largest extent possible to create structured harmony. Two approaches leading to two results, and two perceptions: one appealing more to the left brain hemisphere, more analytical, the other appealing more to the right brain hemisphere, more emotional.
In this collection of 10 original artworks dedicated to Dubai, Olivia has applied her dual approach to some of the most iconic places of the city. She has projected the harmony as she sees it, for all of us to enjoy.
Confirm your attendance along with friends and family. We are looking forward to seeing you then and have you meet an exceptionally active and recognized artist, mother of three, ex-professional boxer, therapist, and passionate painter since the age of 10.

For more information, please contact us at or Contact@MondaGallery.com.


Exhibition opening details

- Friday May 2nd

- Habano lounge, Sofitel The Palm, main entrance, East Crescent road, The Palm Jumeirah (after Atlantis)

- 3pm to 5pm: children painting workshop

- 5pm to 6pm: live painting demonstration by Olivia Boa

- 6pm to 8pm: cocktail reception


Exhibition details

- May 2nd to May 31st

- Lobby, 1st floor, Sofitel The Palm, main entrance, East Crescent road, The Palm Jumeirah (after Atlantis)

- Over 10 original artworks and prints available for viewing and purchase

- Open 24h


Original artwork on display

- The Tree (blind), 100 x 80 cm

- Burj Al Arab (pixels), 80 x 100 cm

- Burj Al Arab (blind), 80 x 100 cm

- Burj Khalifa Study (pixels), 120 x 80 cm

- Burj Khalifa Study (blind), 120 x 80 cm

- Burj Khalifa (pixels), 152 x 100 cm

- Burj Khalifa (blind), 152 x 100 cm

- Passage to Dubai (pixels), 95x 150 cm

- Passage to Dubai (blind), 95 x 150 cm

- The Palm Jumeirah (pixels), 10 x 150 cm

- The Palm Jumeirah (blind), 110 x 150cm

- Dubai Skyline (pixels), 100 x 180 cm

- On The Island (pixels), 100 x 80 cm 


Artist Olivia Boa

Now based in Fribourg, Switzerland, Olivia Boa learned painting from the painter Yves Armani from the age of 10 and has been continuously painting ever since. After a career as a medical practitioner and professional boxer, she decided to focus on her painting career from 2011, with great success. She has since been regularly exhibiting on a worldwide basis, including in New York and other US locations, London, China, Hong-Kong, France, Italy, Belgium and many more countries. She has made a name for herself in the global art scene, recently making the cover of Art & Beyond Magazine with one of her paintings (Zermatt), and has joined the select group of artists whose work sells at auctions. Her most recent exhibition took place in London Bvlgari hotel on April 4th  2014, and her last New York exhibition was organized by Agora Gallery in July 2013.

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Original works - Olivia BOA exhibition catalogue - Sofitel The Palm

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